Wildflower Weekends At Bosque del Apache's Chupadera Peak
John Bertrand

A hike along Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge’s Chupadera Wilderness Trail on s summer weekend could reward wildflower enthusiasts with the season’s best viewing.  More than 50 varieties of wild blossoms were reported by an observer hiking the trail in the Spring (April-May)   The greatest concentration of flowers begins at about mile 2.5 of the 9.5-mile round-trip trek to Chupadera Peak.  
Prominent among the profusion of wildflowers on display are banana yucca, yellow twistflower, tansy-leafed and evening primrose, claret cup cactus, Fendler’s bladderpod, golden smoke, purple aster, desert verbena, fleabane daisy and many others.
To reach the Chupadera Wilderness trailhead parking, take a short access road west from Highway 1 about four miles south of the Refuge north boundary (just past the railroad crossing).  The trail slopes gently until it passes under the Interstate at mile 2.5, then begins a steeper ascent to the summit, an elevation gain of 1,700 feet.  Water and suitable hiking shoes are advised.
Many of the same wildflowers are in bloom in the Refuge’s Laura Jean Deal Desert Arboretum in the visitor center complex at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge..
Photos ©John Bertrand

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Bananna yucca

Claret cup cactus

Desert marigold

Golden mmoke

Purple aster

Feather dalea

Fendler’s bladderpod

Western wallflower