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Chupadera peak the Bosque

Chupadera peak the Bosque
Thank You, Donors! Chupadera Peak Acquisition Victory!!

The Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge have completed the purchase of 6,272-foot Chupadera Peak and 140 acres of surrounding land to donate to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

Acquisition of Chupadera peak was a long-standing priority of the Refuge. More than a year before her unanticipated death last May, Deputy Manager Debra Davies asked the Friends if we might help. Over $72,000 was contributed to the Deb Davies Memorial Fund and was committed to this effort, and $63,000 was needed to complete the purchase.

More than 270 individuals, service clubs and organizations contributed amounts from $10 to $4,500 to the fund-raising campaign. Seventy-three donors each contributed the price of one acre ($450). Almost $7,000 was donated on our website in less than 4 months of having started our The Friends Of The Bosque del Apache Secure Online Donation & Membership pages.

Please read the Victory party Story! " Friends Don't Let Friends Subdivide - New Mexico volunteers donate bird habitat to the Feds" By Joe Spring. Click here: The article and pictures are available on the web at

The Chupadera Victory Celebration was held December 1, 2007 at the Refuge and at the Chupadera Wilderness trailhead.

John Bertrand Chupadera peak
John Bertrand, 81 years old, our "Super Volunteer" is pictured on Chupadera Peak.
John was instrumental in helping us purchase the Peak and surrounding land to all to the Refuge!

Chupadera peak is the natural destination of the Refuge's popular 9-1/2 mile round trip Chupadera Wilderness Hiking Trail. Before our purchase, the wilderness trail ended at the western boundary fence of the Refuge... 200 yards short of the actual peak and its 360 degree panoramic view. Chupadera Peak is the highest point in the Chupadera Mountain Range, and has now become the highest point on the Refuge.

The trail, in its 1,700 foot ascent, winds its way up the eastern slope of the mountain, passing through the refuge's 5,282 acre Chupadera Wilderness. In springtime, the route is redolent with wild flowers. Hikers reaching the summit are afforded the spectacular panoramic view of the Magdalena and San Mateo mount ranges, Fra Cristobal Mountain, Elephant Butte Lake, and the Refuge to the east.

The Chupadera Mountains form the imposing skyline on the western boundary of the Refuge. Each Spring and autumn,hundreds of Refuge visitors enjoy breathtaking scenery, bountiful wildflowers and wilderness tranquility while hiking the popular Chupadera Wilderness Trail, which winds its way up the mountains' eastern slope.. an ascent of 1,700'. Vegetation in the area. which is the northern reach of the Chihuahuan desert. consists primarily of creosote bush, sacahuista, sotol and similar desert plants. Several types of cacti and wildflowers bloom in the spring, especially if there is adequate winter rainfall. Wildlife include: Gambel's quail, coyotes, blacktailed jackrabbit, cottontail, bobcat, loggerhead shrike,mockingbirds,kingbirds,white-tailed dove,common nighthawks, various sparrows and various reptiles. Mule deer,pronghorn, mountain lion and black bear may occasionally visit the area. Chupadera Peak offers a commanding view of the Refuge, and stunning vistas of the Magdalena and San Mateo Mountain ranges from its 6,272 foot summit.

The peak is part of a nineteenth century Pedro Armendaris Land Grant, once owned by the Highland Springs Ranch development. They expressed a willingness to sell to the Friends a 140 acre tract which includes Chupadera Peak, at a price of $450 per acre, and we quickly went to work trying to obtain funds for the purchase. Highland Springs is aggressively marketing 20-acre "ranchette" home building sites on the surrounding land, so our purchase will provide an important buffer from development for the Refuge.

Contributors of $450 to purchase one acre of land will be recognized with a plaque at the Chupadera Trailhead at the dedication and celebration.

We wish to express a heartfelt Thank you to our many donors and to the people who worked so hard to make this a reality!

Chupadera peak the Bosque

Please see photos at the bottom of this page and on our Chupadera Peak page 2

John Bertrand has sent some beautiful wildflower photos from Chupadera! Please See them, too.

Deputy Refuge Manager Deb Davies died in May 2006 after a brief illness. Deb worked at Bosque del Apache NWR twice in her career. From 1996 to 1999 she was the Assistant Refuge Manager and among other duties, worked closely with the Friends and the City of Socorro to coordinate the Festival of the Cranes. She returned to Bosque del Apache NWR in 2004 as the Deputy Refuge Manager and was the Acting Refuge Manager at the time of her death. She enjoyed the Festival every year and often volunteered to accompany the early morning Fly-Out tours.
The Friends work on behalf of birds and wildlife, helping to protect the critically important habitat of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, and helping to educate and inform the public about the value and beauty of all life at the Bosque.
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We are now attempting to raise money for a great educational program, ECOLAB and have opened the online donations for that important effort.

Tax-deductible contributions for our new educational fund drive may be sent to: Friends of the Bosque del Apache, PO Box 340, San Antonio, NM 87832 or you may donate on our secure site by clicking here The Friends Of The Bosque del Apache Secure Online Payment Site

Chupadera peak the Bosque

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