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Bosque del Apache Apache National Wildlife Refuge

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Project list includes a description of selected projects with links to posters to download
(Each poster colorfully describes projects & results in detail - they are fascinating!)

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At Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, research and monitoring help biologists develop and adapt management techniques, determine priorities, and learn more about the plants and animals with which the Refuge is entrusted.

Topics include rattlesnake research, endangered species research (silvery minnow, willow flycatcher, endangered meadow jumping mouse), wildlife diseases (avian influenza and schistosomes), geologic mapping efforts, Major earthquakes on the Bosque del Apache, Bees of the Bosque and what they can tell us about restoration efforts, Microbial Diversity Study of Bosque del Apache Water, GPS based telemetry system for migratory waterfowl, Puma reserach and management on the Bosque, riparian restoration studies and more. The projects for one year alone numbered 35!

The Annual Festival of the Cranes "Science Behind the Scenery" Poster Symposium is always well received by both research poster presenters and Festival visitors.  

Posters highlight research and monitoring work being conducted within the boundaries of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, although many of the projects are currently large-scale and take place at other study sites as well.  The presenters usually include individuals from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Los Alamos National Laboratory, three different universities in New Mexico, and other institutes.  This annual poster symposium was initated to disseminate information to the general public and encourage collaboration among the research community.

The Project List shows the projects that are active from 2009 to the present, the researchers who attended the poster symposiums, and links to abstracts and posters where available.

For individuals interested in conducting research or monitoring on the refuge, you must apply for a special use permit, due March 1 of each year. You can download the current research guidelines and application form here - (word format or pdf format) The application should be submitted electronically in a word processor format.

For questions, contact:
Ashley Inslee
Biologist - Bosque Del Apache NWR
P.O. Box 280
San Antonio, NM 87832
Tel: 575-835-1828


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