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The education of youth about nature and environmental topics is also a major effort, financed by the Friends.

In coordination with the family of G. Emerson Learn III, the Friends of the Bosque del Apache
have established the Emerson Learn Bus Scholarship Endowment.
Through this endowment started in Emerson's memory, the Friends have created a permanent fund
to provide stipends for New Mexico schools to visit the Refuge.
Please see: Bus Scholarship Fund for information and how you can help!

School Bus Tours
Educators- Don’t miss an opportunity for your students to experience one of New Mexico’s most fascinating natural resources
The Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is pleased to offer bus scholarships
to defray some of the travel costs to visit the Refuge. Schools that arrange a tour with Refuge staff or volunteers
are automatically eligible to receive a scholarship by just filling out the Bus Scholarship Application (pdf file)

We are actively working on new and innovative educational projects, and each year brings fresh and exciting educational plans with a strong emphasis on increasing awareness and caring for birds, wildlife and the habitat they rely on for their survival which is one of the Friends' primary goals.

Our main educational project is E.C.O.L.A.B. (Every Child Outside Learning About Bosque) We, The Friends are partnering with Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, San Antonio Elementary and Audubon New Mexico for this intensive environmental education program with Friends Environmental Educator, Andrea Harris. The focus of E.C.O.L.A.B. is on on ecosystems of the Bosque del Apache NWR. Through this program, students get a hands on, in depth experience. It is our hope to instill a sense of stewardship and provoke wonder in the natural world to future generations and bosque neighbors.

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Short Stories ||| Poetry
Christina Ann Lannan Educational Annex

We love wildlife, and are just as interested as adults are in protecting the birds and animals and the world we all share.

Check out the Youth painting, drawing and writing below!
We are updating our "Kid Talk" web column where kids are the ones doing the talking!

Youth ART Friends of the Bosque

Please read a Wonderful Story written by Jenna Melanson...

Here is how it starts....


The morning sunrays didn't give much warmth as Checker stretched yet farther on the cool sand.  He was a Spotted Whiptail lizard so he always had to keep watch for prowling two legs.  He lived in an old rusty barrel by a barn with a paddock.  Or at least that was where he was staying until he would go back to the Great Tunnels where all the other lizards lived.  Inside the paddock lived a big charging beast with four huge feet.  Today he was planning to meet his best friend (who was a large Spiny lizard) in front of the two leg den and then have a fun day in the cactus garden.  He knew that his friend lived by the Biology building (how he got his name, Biology Guardian, BG for short) so he would soon arrive at their meeting place.  Although they both usually lived in the tunnels they thought it fun to go on adventures.  So Checker set out on the long trek to the two leg den.

Keep reading Jenna's Story by clicking here >>>>>

If you are a member of the Friends of the Bosque, and are interested in contributing a story or poem and are not over 17 yrs. old, please write Kid Letters and let us know.

Youth Report from the Field:
Jenna Melanson volunteered during the draw down of unit 11 (banding pond.) She is helping eradicate the carp from the pond as part of the rehabilitation process. Photos taken by Sheri Melanson ©2007. All Rights Reserved.

Youth Column Youth Talk

Youth Column Youth Talk

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Youth ART Friends of the Bosque

Youth ART Friends of the Bosque
(Click here to see larger version. Yes, do click! It is so beautiful!)

The Incredible mural in the Visitor Center- Created by youth in Ms. Jeanne Howell's 5th grade class at Reginald Chavez Elementary School in Albuquerque, and sponsored by PNM! Thank you, Bosque Youth, Thank you PNM!

Youth ART Friends of the Bosque
Two Panels from the wonderful Mural

Youth ART Friends of the Bosque
Panel from the wonderful Mural

Mural Panel Friends of the Bosque
Panel from the wonderful Mural


Mural Panel Friends of the Bosque
Youth Banner
Displayed at the Festival of the Cranes
Coming Again in 2007! Youth Banners
(Click here to see several other banners)
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"To have compassion and respect for every living thing
on this fragile and beautiful earth which we share is the most important thing we can do."

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